Accommodations in Tokyo

All depends on your specific needs and budget when it comes to accommodation in Tokyo. There are all kinds of accommodation available for each taste. On this page you can find hotels, pensions (Minshuku), traditional lodgings (Ryokan) and alternatives.

Tokyo is divided in 23 Special Wards. With each lodging you can find the Ward in which it is located. Want to know more about the location of the Special Wards? Click here!


You want to keep it familiar and simple. Just book a hotel. There are all different kinds of hotels in Tokyo. Tokyo has its own Japanese well known hotel chains as Tokyo Inn, APA Hotel, Dormy Inn, Sunroute Hotel, Super Hotel and Smile Hotel with hotels in several Special Wards of Tokyo.

Of course you can book other hotels on different sites as:,, Trivago, Expedia, etc

Pension (Minshuku) or Ryokan

Minshuku are Japanese style pensions. In fact you can see them as family operated Bed and Breakfasts. This is a very nice way to get close to local families. Ryokan are a little more exclusive. This kind of traditional Japanese lodgings already exists for centuries. It has all what you think of when you think about a traditional Japanese house: tatami, futon, translucent paper sliding doors, etc. And what about the food? Diners are in most cases, the so called ‘Kaiseki Ryori’, the traditional Japanese dishes.

Minshuku & Ryokan – Tokyo


Of course there are a lot of alternative ways to stay in Tokyo. Next to the (youth)hostels, you can stay with families, in a Manga/internet-café, a Capsule Hotel, bath houses and even in old temples.

Capsule Hotels Tokyo