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Alek et les Japonaises – Free concert at Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten) – 28th of July 04:00 – 05:00



Alek et les Japonaises – Free concert at Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten) – 28th of July 04:00 – 05:00

Alek et les Japonaises

The Belgian – Japanese band ‘Alek et les Japonaises’ is very difficult to categorize (Kitsch, Synthpop, Electro, Bossa Nova, …). ‘Electropical’ might be the best type of music to compare with. Alek Boff (Belgian/Brazilian) and Maï Ogawa (Japanese) stand out for their idiosyncratic style of music and espacially clothing! Their songs have Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch lyrics…

Their gig starts late in the night (or early in the morning) at Trefpunt on Walter De Buckplein in Ghent, on Ghent Festival Sunday-night at 04:00.

Alek et Les Japonaises – 雨よ雨よ Ameyo Ameyo

Very very happy to share our new video "雨よ雨よ Ameyo Ameyo"!Directed by Noé Reutenauer and Maï Ogawa☔☔☔☔☔"雨よ雨よ Ameyo Ameyo" is the 2nd song from the upcoming album (out in 2019).➥ Also on Youtube: and Directed by Noé Reutenauer & Maï OgawaThe Insect Woman: Alice KholAlek: Alek BoffThe Gardener-Priest: Noé ReutenauerThe Grass Man: Niels GryspeirtThe Pink Kuroko: Maï OgawaThe Dealer Angel: Carl RoosensDancers: Adèle, Benoit, Charlotte, Christophe, Ernesto, François, François Xavier, Gaëtan, Géraldine, Lisa, Mim'ô Zette, Nicolás, Stéphanie, Sylvain, Tom & WidedDirector of Photography: Noé ReutenauerExtra Camera Operators: Tom Boccara & Alice KholEdit: Robin Fizet-DolloColor Grading: Maxime TellierMimetic Makeup: Lisa DevroyeKimono Dresser: Akiko KawamuraJungle: Delphine Coërs Fon Ce Music by Alek et Les JaponaisesAlto Sax: Satoshi TakedaMixed by Thomas SariThank you ありがとうMerci:Le Corbo, Antonio Boff, Fern Boff, Thibaut Jamar, Kumiko, Walvis, Arnaud & La Fédération Wallonie-BruxellesOn tient à remercier tout particulièrement les insectes, les plantes, les anges, les curés, les jardiniers, les caméras, les danseuses araignées, les danseurs bowlings, les pouponneuses, les rois des couleurs et les coupeurs aux effets très spéciaux.En fait, MERCI intemporel à toutes les personnes qui ont participé à ce clip !

Geplaatst door Alek et Les Japonaises op Donderdag 27 juni 2019
Alek et les Japonaises – Ameyo Ameyo
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