10 Most popular Japanese Dog Breeds

Japanese dog clubs:

There are about ten Japanese dog breeds.

Foto’s: thesmartcanine.com



Shiba Inu

Kai Ken

Tosa Inu

Japanese Spitz (Nihon Supittsu)

Japanese Chin

Japanese Terrier



One more breed is worth to mention. The Sakhalin Husky. The Sakhalin Husky is nearly extinct. The only breeder in the world died in 2012. However, on Sakhalin island there are an unknown number of Sakhalin Huskies. Today two Sakhalin Huskies are heroes in Japan: Taro and Jiro. They survived 1 year on Antarctica after being abandoned by a Japanese expedition team.

Sakhalin Husky

Japanese dogs are now very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands. But please be careful when you decide to buy one. Unfortunately they are rather expensive which leads to rogue breeders. Those breeders grow them carelessly in order to sell cheaply. This ensures that unhealthy animals are sold.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Japanese dog breeds are naturally very active and need a lot of exercise. Originally they are not used to domestic life. Some people misunderstand this and want to get rid of the dog after a while…

People wanting to adopt an abandoned Japanese dog can go to Shiba Rescue and Nippon Inu.