‘A sake barrel,
Born without hands, makes merry –
Cherry blossom time.’

Ihara Saikaku
(1642 – 1693 / Japan)

Sake…what’s in the name?

Sake is known in the West as the national beverage of Japan. In fact, ‘Sake’ is the name we gave to the spirit. In Japan it is called ‘Nihonshu’ while ‘Sake’ is the collective noun for all alcoholic beverages. Also the fact that sake should be the national alcoholic beverage in Japan can be discussed. Besides sake, the ‘Shōchū’ gains popularity. In Japan Nihonshu and Shōchū  are often mixed up, but Shōchū is in fact totally different.

Sake: Ingredients and production method

Sake: Classifications

Sake: How to read the labels?

Sake: A Japanese way of drinking